Janice Graham Newkirk Award: 1995-2008

The Janice Graham Newkirk Research Award was created in 1995 as a memorial tribute to our University at Albany colleague, and past Membership Chair for ENY/ACRL, Janice Graham Newkirk. Initial funding for the award was generously provided by the Newkirk family. Additional donations were made by friends of Janice and ENY/ACRL members. For several years, the award provided funding for ENY/ACRL members to pursue research projects and/or travel to conferences. The following ENY/ACRL member Librarians benefitted from the award:

  • Cheryl LaGuardia
  • Mary Cahill
  • Holly Heller-Ross
  • Steve Black
  • Carol Anne Germain
  • Gerald Burke
  • James Nichols
  • Karen Schockey
  • Barbara Shaffer
  • Jane Kessler
  • Mary Van Ullen
  • Linda Loeser
  • Susan Zappen

After several years of administering the award, along with committee member Sean Maloney, and (ex officio) current Treasurer of ENY/ACRL, the committee co-chairs, Catherine M Dwyer and Barbara Via, petitioned the Board to revamp the award program.
Applications for the award had dropped off significantly, and it seemed time for a change. We felt that the award program should have an end date and be phased out. We met with Janice’s widower, Ray, and explained our ideas for spending down the award fund and changing the award to a scholarship program for graduate students at the Information Science programs at Albany and Syracuse University. Ray fully supported our plans and encouraged us to seek Board approval.
The Board was receptive to the plan, and in 2006, the Newkirk Award became a scholarship fund with a plan to spend down the remaining balance of the funds over a period of a few years. In the ensuing years, Ellen McCabe from SUNY Cortland joined the committee. We awarded scholarships to 7 deserving students from Albany and Syracuse. As of Spring 2008, the award funds have been fully spent and the Newkirk Award program is now ended.

As Co-Chairs of the Award Committee, we greatly appreciate the support of the ENY/ACRL Board over these many years. The Award Program served as a fitting tribute to the memory of Janice Graham Newkirk.

Catherine M Dwyer
Barbara Via
University at Albany