Librarian of the Year Award: 1994-2011


The Librarian of the Year Award recognized an ENY/ACRL member who exhibited a dedication to fulfilling the ACRL mission and furthering the goals and objectives of ACRL and ENY/ACRL in particular. The award included a plaque and a $250 honorarium, which was presented at ENY/ACRL’s spring conference.

ENY/ACRL Librarian of the Year Award recipients:

  • Mary Alice Lynch, 1994
  • Janice Newkirk, 1995
  • Elaine Coppola, 1996
  • Carla List, 1997
  • Gillian McCombs, 1998
  • Cerise Oberman, 1999
  • Michael Engle, 2000
  • Mary Jane Brustman, 2001
  • Barbara Via, 2002
  • Lynne King, 2003
  • Jane Subramanian, 2004
  • Susan Zappen, 2006
  • Inga Barnello, 2010
  • Natasha Cooper, 2011

In 2012, the ENY/ACRL Board voted to change the nature of the Librarian of the Year Award to broaden it’s appeal and attract more nominations. The Eastern New York ACRL Library Innovation Award is the result of those changes.